Thursday, July 13, 2006

Payah, ah!!! Malu-maluiiiiinnnnnnn!!!!!!

baru tau, kalo Putri Indonesia yang sekarang (Nadine Chandrawinata) bahasa Inggrisnya balelol....hahahahaha....

sayang aja, sih, cantik, muka bule, tapiiiii..... kok, ga disiapin sebaik mungkin, gitu, bahasa Inggrisnya.... (iya, ngerti, dia bule Jerman, bukan bule Depok, hehehehe)

hmmm, kalo mau denger sendiri, silakan tengok di sini

sempet ada yang bilang, sih, yah, namanya juga kontes kecantikan, bukan cerdas cermat bahasa Inggris... tapi, yaaa, menurut saya, sih, namanya juga kontes sejagat gitu loh! Saya yang ngerasa ga jago bahasa Inggris aja merasa banyak yang ga becus dalam tatanan kata yang digunakannya pada saat interview tersebut....

kebetulan ada transkripnya:

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to do in my sparetime is going out with my
friends, with my family and sharing with the children
like doing some act.. doing some activities..
in social work, like campaign for them and campaign
for against discrimination of women, something like

What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?

I see myself in 10 years I see myself in 10
years later simply as a Nadine and eh..doing something
like or eh…being more mature and express or explore
myself and my potential and doing something for anyone
el.. doing something for me and everyone.. like I want
to work for the Unicef so i can be more active and
give more attention for them.

Who is your idol?

My admi.. my admirer is mother Theresa, because … she
is so humble for me and she had, she has a beautiful
or … wonderful personality. So I really .. adore at…
at her.. hehehe.

Your friends say you are…

My friends tells that I am friendly, easy going
person, just simply person, ordinary person and

What do you want the rest of the world to know about
your country?

Indonesia is a beautiful city.. so, you should go
there to visit by yourself, because we have a lot of
beautiful beaches and the spectacular mountain and…
dramatic of history and… so the people. Because people
of Indonesia is really… is really welcome eh.. and
really friendly because they like to know more about
other country, other belief, other ideas….so, come to
Indonesia and feel it and we open…we open our arms to
come to Indonesia.


reno said...

When you find someone that is so humble and having a wonderful personality, that person must be your admirer :D

Peni Astiti Nasrudin Fahmi said...

hahaha.. that's true.... =D